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WIP Potential Cover Design

Here’s another quick update, showing off a work-in-progress potential-cover design. Exciting!

Volume 1_03

I rather want to avoid the potential infamy of getting featured here D:

Meanwhile, writing continues. I’ve had to write some difficult stuff recently, so I’ll have to find some comedy highlights to lighten the mood…

This Week, in Artwork

UPDATE: I’ve added further stages, and the ‘finished’ piece :)

Turns out that I’ve been using a graphics tablet for a whole year now! Can’t say I’ve advanced as far as I would have liked, but that’s life for you! Here’s what I’ve scraped together this week.

shelley 5_01

shelley 5_02

shelley 5_03

shelley 5_04

shelley 5_05

shelley 5_06

shelley 5_07

shelley 5

I ought to be working on Proper Final Pieces – I actually need to finish something one day! – but I’m not yet confident enough in my abilities. I really need to devote more time to actual arting too, though where I’ll find that time, I don’t know! Has anyone invented a time-expanding machine yet?


Posting to see if attempts to connect this blog to associated Twitter and Farcebook accounts works. This social-network-integration business is a major pain, but it’s something I should possibly get used to! Maybe I ought to dig out my abandoned tumblr account too…

So this isn’t a complete waste of time, here’s some more work-in-progress!

Episode 1v2 02c

Will be working on the third episode of Phantasia next week. It involves a casino, depraved businessmen, and a talking octopus.

A View with a Moon

Just (3.30am!) reached the end of the first episode. At 25,000 words it’s a bit more than planned, but I’m letting it slide as it’s effectively the ‘hook’/’pilot’. Although how well it will work, given that the central character’s name isn’t even mentioned until the last page, is debatable XD

I had hoped to have it written and edited, so I could get some people to test it out, but the aforementioned length had put paid to that. I’ll be putting it aside for a few weeks now, while I concentrate on redrafting the next batch of episodes (some chapters of which haven’t been touched in at least six months).

In between enforced writing periods, I’ve started putting together some kind of image. It’s an evolution of one I posted a few weeks ago, though I haven’t added any characters to it yet. As you can see, our Moon isn’t looking too healthy.

Episode 1v2 02

…I tried posting that to Farcebook earlier. The compression was hideous. ‘High quality’ my arse.

A view with a moon? A moon with a view! A room with a view! Geddit?
…ah sod it, I need a Random Post Title Generator.

Meanwhile, in other news!

So, Dary, what have you spent all that time you were just talking about actually doing?

Well, after putting out the current draft of chapter one, I’ve been working on two and three. The second chapter is tentatively entitled ‘Belief’, and focuses on, well, people’s belief, and Dante continues to be a somewhat (in my opinion) unlikeable jerk. But hey, that’s the whole point of character development! The third chapter is presently called ‘Names’, and helps to establish how the two world (physical and imaginary) relate to one another, while furthering the actual plot.

If you’re wondering, Phantasia herself doesn’t make a proper appearance until the fifth chapter. I felt it important to establish the human characters first, and to give the reader time to get their head around the concept of strange, immaterial beings who don’t see the world as we do. That’s what eighteen months of research, world-building and idea-development do to a story XD

Elsewhere, I put some hours into improving my portrait painting skills, and the current results look like this:
andromeda 3_01b1

If you’re wondering, this is the character of Andromeda. This was what she looked like back in the 2009 version of Phantasia:
andromeda copic 1

And, back in 2005…

I would like to like to think my writing ability has similarly improved.

Random Art

I’m not best fond of posting work-in-progress stuff, but I’m making an exception because I need to bulk this thing out. And because that’s kind of the point of having a blog (well, one of them).

I spent a good portion of 2012 getting to grips with a graphics tablet, and digital art, and I’m slowly making some headway. I’ll be producing cover artwork for Phantasia again, possibly in a variety of styles (depending on time, resources, and effort required), and presently I’m working on a cover for the first episode.

Episode 1

I think the purple’s a little gaudy, and I need to unite the various elements across the image, but it’s a start!

The following piece isn’t Phantasia related, rather it’s just something random I did for practise. I never got around to finishing it, but there you go.


Maybe keeping a blog will not only keep me motivated, but coerce me into actually finishing things XD