Mid-March update

Kinda weirded out that it’s almost two weeks since I made that last post. Maybe I should post a PROJECT UPDATE?

I finished the second draft of the second episode yesterday. It turned out longer than expected – almost 30k words, when the target I set was 15-20k per episode – so I’ll have to do some editing. You might think “but, if it’s almost two episodes long, why not make it two episodes?”, but I very much want to cut down on my narrative meanderings, and there is a core theme running through the episode that I would rather remained contained in a single instalment.

If only I took my writing so seriously a few years back, I might not have been forced into this whole massive revision process XD

Apologies for not having much interesting to blog about – presently there just isn’t the time in the day for me to do much else :S

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