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WIP Potential Cover Design

Here’s another quick update, showing off a work-in-progress potential-cover design. Exciting!

Volume 1_03

I rather want to avoid the potential infamy of getting featured here D:

Meanwhile, writing continues. I’ve had to write some difficult stuff recently, so I’ll have to find some comedy highlights to lighten the mood…

Mid-March update

Kinda weirded out that it’s almost two weeks since I made that last post. Maybe I should post a PROJECT UPDATE?

I finished the second draft of the second episode yesterday. It turned out longer than expected – almost 30k words, when the target I set was 15-20k per episode – so I’ll have to do some editing. You might think “but, if it’s almost two episodes long, why not make it two episodes?”, but I very much want to cut down on my narrative meanderings, and there is a core theme running through the episode that I would rather remained contained in a single instalment.

If only I took my writing so seriously a few years back, I might not have been forced into this whole massive revision process XD

Apologies for not having much interesting to blog about – presently there just isn’t the time in the day for me to do much else :S

Extract: The First Crack in the Wall

I figured it was about time for another extract, so here’s what I was just working on. Presently, it’s scheduled for the second episode, though I can’t say for certain how much of it will remain because it might drag on too much… this extract is 1,600 words (only half the scene), while the previous draft was half that (first drafts are almost always rough, broad strokes, and I fill in the details later – very much as I would approach a piece of artwork, in fact), and my aim is to bring in each episode under 20k (so I’m not overworked). But we shall see. Is there too much detail? Too much meandering about? Not enough actual plot? Let me know what you think!

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