This Week, in Artwork

UPDATE: I’ve added further stages, and the ‘finished’ piece :)

Turns out that I’ve been using a graphics tablet for a whole year now! Can’t say I’ve advanced as far as I would have liked, but that’s life for you! Here’s what I’ve scraped together this week.

shelley 5_01

shelley 5_02

shelley 5_03

shelley 5_04

shelley 5_05

shelley 5_06

shelley 5_07

shelley 5

I ought to be working on Proper Final Pieces – I actually need to finish something one day! – but I’m not yet confident enough in my abilities. I really need to devote more time to actual arting too, though where I’ll find that time, I don’t know! Has anyone invented a time-expanding machine yet?

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  1. I thought (s)he had really long hair in the first picture. I had to look through them all twice before I got it.

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