Posting to see if attempts to connect this blog to associated Twitter and Farcebook accounts works. This social-network-integration business is a major pain, but it’s something I should possibly get used to! Maybe I ought to dig out my abandoned tumblr account too…

So this isn’t a complete waste of time, here’s some more work-in-progress!

Episode 1v2 02c

Will be working on the third episode of Phantasia next week. It involves a casino, depraved businessmen, and a talking octopus.

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  1. Ehehehehe, Lunacy. I laff.

  2. Good place to put this:
    40k fans are trying to get Erebus voted in due to a character of importance with that name (something to do with the Horus Heresy).
    I’m putting it here because Erebus. :P

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