Where Dary babbles about writing Phantasia again.

Word count for the current draft sits at around 40,000, about a quarter of the way through everything I want to have finished before I start publishing. That sounds scarier than it is. It’s also about as much as it sounds: a quick estimate puts it equal to around 42 chapters – almost half – of the previous version of Phantasia. A lot of it is coming from increased focus on character, rather than plot, which is a good thing in my eyes, though I’m aware not everyone will agree with me! Which leads me to ask: what do you prefer? A character focus, or a plot focus?

Phantasia, in its original 2005 form, was certainly plot-driven, and the second version – the 2009 one I serialised on this here internet – began that way too, until the characters themselves began to demand more and more attention and development. This, the 2012, Final Version (because I’m not going to do a Tolkien and spend my whole life revising and rewriting, only to have all my drafts published after I’m dead!), has swung all the way over to character. Well, to a degree. It very much depends on the viewpoint – Dante’s story is character-focused, Phantasia’s is more plot. It’s a a duality I can imagine playing out over the long term, and one I’m quite happy to embrace as the story is all about duality.

As for my own, personal taste? Character-driven, which feels an odd thing to say given the genre I write, but there you go. That’s probably why I was just able to blaze through a 4,500 word section that mostly consisted of two people, in a room, discussing their repressed fears, but hit a block the moment I have to plough through some action XD

(I should try and write a post about something other than my own writing…eh…suggestions?)

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  1. Hmm, I’ve never really considered this. When reading, I prefer action-driven usually, if it’s all character development I can lose interest easily. When writing, I think I also do better at progressing the plot by action, but I’ll say for sure after I do some more writing, now fully conscious of this. <_<

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