Meanwhile, in other news!

So, Dary, what have you spent all that time you were just talking about actually doing?

Well, after putting out the current draft of chapter one, I’ve been working on two and three. The second chapter is tentatively entitled ‘Belief’, and focuses on, well, people’s belief, and Dante continues to be a somewhat (in my opinion) unlikeable jerk. But hey, that’s the whole point of character development! The third chapter is presently called ‘Names’, and helps to establish how the two world (physical and imaginary) relate to one another, while furthering the actual plot.

If you’re wondering, Phantasia herself doesn’t make a proper appearance until the fifth chapter. I felt it important to establish the human characters first, and to give the reader time to get their head around the concept of strange, immaterial beings who don’t see the world as we do. That’s what eighteen months of research, world-building and idea-development do to a story XD

Elsewhere, I put some hours into improving my portrait painting skills, and the current results look like this:
andromeda 3_01b1

If you’re wondering, this is the character of Andromeda. This was what she looked like back in the 2009 version of Phantasia:
andromeda copic 1

And, back in 2005…

I would like to like to think my writing ability has similarly improved.

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