Starting Again

I’ve stopped and started this blogging business so many times, I’ve lost track the amount of times I’ve made a post commenting on how often I’ve stopped and starting this blogging business.

For 2013, I am starting again, and I shall leave it at that!

It’s been strange. I looked back at what I was doing creatively a year ago, and I find myself in much the same place. I was ready to put myself down with accusations of laziness and ineptitude  but I know that’s not true, because I kept track of how much work I did, and I have quite a few notebooks to prove it! What has happened, in truth, is that I have spent a year refining my ideas and my techniques. It has been, for want of a better metaphor, something of a cocoon. I may not have achieved what I initially hoped to achieve, but my skills and abilities have (I hoped) grown somewhat in the process.

Nowhere is this more telling than in this blurb I’ve been working on for Phantasia – not least because, a year ago, I struggled writing blurbs for Phantasia.

On the morning before undergraduates of Torsten Academy leave for their summer vacation, a mysterious shining girl is spotted falling from the sky. Rumours soon spread that she is an angel, come to save humanity from sinthetic monsters, the falling Moon, and – worst of all – itself.

Dante Orpheus believes none of this. He doesn’t believe any of the fairy tales people hide behind to escape their despair. He believes the girl little more than a technological trick, a projected avatar of light sent from a far-off utopia to deceive and control the witless savages of the surface world.

His crush, Emily, is determined to prove otherwise. With help from his friends – misanthropic minstrel Byron, attention-deficit glam-rocker Joel, and reckless photographer Katrina – she means to break down Dante’s denial and convince him that, yes, faeries do exist.

But Dante is not the only one living a lie.

It’s only a work-in-progress at the moment, but it sums up the initial story, and establishes the characters, world and themes (and in under 150 words!). Or I hope it does. At any rate, publishing it here feels like taking a proper step forward, after I’ve spent much of the past year not talking about anything I’ve been working on. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up with the blog this time, and continue to post these sorts of updates, alongside other yet-to-be-decided things.

For 2013 I am starting again, but not from square one.

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